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Astra Early

Curriculum Planning

Each room provides an educational program based on the needs and interests of the children in the class.  

The educators will use the planning cycle to develop their program after observing the children and then provide opportunities for the children to reach the goals and the Early Years Learning Outcomes set out for them through intentional teaching strategies and spontaneous learning experiences.  

Each child will have their own goals and outcomes set to achieve throughout the year based on their strength's, Interests, development and individual needs. The educators will share each child's individual observations and goals throughout the year with the family through the child's online portfolio.  Families are encouraged to share any feedback or Input about their child's progress on their goals in their child's online portfolio.  

Twice per year, each child will have a summative assessment completed whereby their educator will complete an overall summary of the child's learning journey and set some goals for the child.  We then encourage families to come and meet with their child's educator for a parent-educator meeting to discuss their child's progress and goals.  

Each room will also work on projects and investigations throughout the year with the children where new ideas, concepts and interests are explored.  This approach to learning allows children to work collaboratively, hypothesize, predict and investigate.

Astra Early
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