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We provide fresh, nutritious and creative meals that expose children to the broadest range of flavours, textures, ingredients and cultures. 


Exposing young children to a healthy, diverse diet not only gives them the best start in life, it also helps secure their health, development and wellbeing as they grow up. 


Our Chefs use high-quality, fresh ingredients and a broad range of flavours to create meals that meet and exceed the latest nutritional guidelines for children in care. 


Our healthy and balanced meals include a variety of: 

  • Fresh vegetables and legumes 

  • Seasonal fruit 

  • Wholegrains and seeds 

  • Lean fresh meat and fish

  • Dairy options


Our menus also offer a wide selection of fresh fruit and raw vegetables with morning and afternoon tea, as well as steamed fresh vegetables at lunchtime. 


When children are growing up, mealtimes are not solely about nutrition. They are a time to explore a world of new flavours and textures and to enjoy a positive and sociable eating experience that will encourage them to make their own healthy choices when they're older. 


We are truly passionate about passing on our own love of food by offering a diverse and creative menu that captures children's interest. 


Our rotating menu provides a variety of menu options that will satisfy even the fussiest of eaters. 

As an ‘allergy aware’ childcare centre, we are equipped to accommodate any dietary restriction.

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