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Our Orientation

Astra Early

At Astra, we understand that starting care can be a daunting process and may cause both you and your child some anxiety. To help alleviate any concerns that you have, we have an orientation process.

Our orientation process consists of 3X 1 hour sessions where you will spend time at the centre with your child getting to know the educators and the environment and allowing your child to start slowly settling into the centre. 

We recommend children attend the centre a minimum of 2 days each week to help them settle. The more days they attend, the more they will become familiar with the centre, environment, educators, and other children. 

We also recommend starting your orientation sessions prior to returning to work or study and begin with shorter days, in the beginning, to ensure that there is plenty of time for your child to settle into their new environment. 

For older children it might help to have discussions with them about the centre and the exciting things that they will be doing and where you will be and reassuring them that be coming back. you will be coming back.

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