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Our Philosophy

Astra Early

We believe children should be encouraged to explore the natural environment and develop a connection to nature. We will provide children with the opportunity to explore natural materials such as sand, water, tanbark and dirt, as well as include recycled, reusable and sustainable resources where possible.


We believe that the environment is the ‘third teacher' and that it is essential that we set up our learning environments in a manner that encourages engagement and exploration.


We believe that families are children’s first and most important teacher and that building trusting partnerships between educators and each family are crucial to a child's successful learning journey. 


We believe respectful communication between families and educators are the foundation to successful relationships where each person feels nurtured and valued. 



We believe children are active participants in creating their own learning and that our role is to provide a learning environment and program that stimulates and provokes their interests.


We believe a child-initiated play-based program evokes children's learning exploration and social connections. 


We believe children are competent and involved learners and researchers and that educators should learn and research alongside children and involve them in investigations where they are provided different mediums to express themselves.


We are inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach and believe the learning environment is recognised for its potential to inspire children and that it should reflect our practice and love of nature and be a magical learning space for all children. 


We believe we should be purposeful and intentional in what we do with doing.

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