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Accredited Kinder

At Astra Early Learning, we understand that your child's kindergarten year is an important one. 

Our 4 year old kindergarten program is a Government recognised, funded kindergarten program. We have a qualified Early Childhood Kindergarten Teacher who runs our kindergarten and school readiness program Monday to Friday between 8 am and 4 pm. 

Our kindergarten program Integrated into our lang daycare program provides families with more flexibility as there are no set days or times you are required to attend, and children receive langer uninterrupted learning periods. However, the Victorian Government does recommend that each child attends a minimum of 15 hours of kindergarten per week in the year before school.

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Our kindergarten program is informed by the Victorian and Australian Early Learning Frameworks and the Reggio Emilia Approach.


We believe it is essential for children to develop excellent foundations and a love of learning before they transition to school. To provide our children with the best educational foundations we:

  • Teach multi-language

  • IT and digital leaming 

  • Specialist Art Teacher 

  • Specialist Music Teacher 

  • Specialist Sport Taacher 

  • Specialist Science Teacher 

  • Daily yoga and mindfulness 

  • Bush/Beach kinder program

Within the kindergarten program, children will develop the skills and knowledge they require to form friendships, work and play within social situations, resolve conflicts, manage their emotions and develop their self-help skills with the support and guidance of their teacher to ensure they are ready for school where more independence is required. 

Astra Early


Our school readiness program focuses on more academic skills in a play-based structure. For our children to get the best start, our school readiness program will include: 

  • Phonetics 

  • Writing 

  • Reading 

  • Problem solving 

  • Experiments 

  • Numbers 

  • Mathematical concepts 

  • Symbols and patterns 

Throughout the kindergarten program, children will also leam about cooking, Heath, hygiene, road safety, Indigenous Australians, community, self Identify, sustainability and much more.

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